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(Plus, tattooing a reconstructed nipple isn’t really 3-D tattooing, it’s just regular tattooing!

) In cases of nipple reconstruction where cartilage is used either from yourself or a cadaver, the skin can sometimes be extra thin over the cartilage.

If the skin isn’t ready, the tattoos take longer to heal and give poorer results.

In general, the longer you wait, the better your results. It’s easier to do a tattoo without a reconstructed nipple.

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Editor’s Note: Vinnie Myers is a tattoo artist who specializes in 3-dimensional nipple tattoos for women who have had mastectomy and/or reconstruction — you may have seen some of his blogs right here.

— Caroline Durham, content manager of When can I get nipple tattoos done?

A layer of light pigment will have to be deposited over the existing tattoo, and that will have to heal before re-tattooing the nipple.

What’s the difference between inks used in the doctor’s office and tattoo shops?

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