Telugu chat msg in sex

05/01/2013 am: Madhu: Yes u should..05/01/2013 am: Kapil: And bite ur tits05/01/2013 am: Kapil: ?

05/01/2013 am: Madhu: Mmmm yessss05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Make u all wet05/01/2013 am: Madhu: Love it05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Wudnt u want to suck me as well ? 05/01/2013 am: Kapil: 05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Let me make u all naked05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Lick u all over05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Suck u between legs05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Tits05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Lips05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Ear05/01/2013 am: Kapil: All over05/01/2013 am: Madhu: Mmmmmmm05/01/2013 am: Kapil: U got hairy ?

04/01/2013 pm: Madhu: Sab theek..04/01/2013 pm: Kapil: Weekend plan ?

04/01/2013 pm: Madhu: Tomorrow working04/01/2013 pm: Kapil: All wrk no play ?

05/01/2013 pm: Madhu: Yep05/01/2013 pm: Kapil: Lemme not bother while u eat05/01/2013 pm: Kapil: Busy ?

05/01/2013 pm: Madhu: Nope05/01/2013 pm: Madhu: Just leaving05/01/2013 pm: Madhu: 05/01/2013 pm: Madhu: Sorry, ignore those05/01/2013 pm: Kapil: Ignore what ?

05/01/2013 pm: Madhu: The smileys05/01/2013 pm: Kapil: I dont really understand .. Literally.05/01/2013 pm: Kapil: Yeahh 05/01/2013 pm: Kapil: So at home only ?

04/01/2013 pm: Madhu: Another 15-20 mins maybe04/01/2013 pm: Kapil: Then home ?05/01/2013 am: Madhu: Yes..05/01/2013 am: Kapil: I want to lick05/01/2013 am: Madhu: It feels so good05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Twisting my tongue there05/01/2013 am: Madhu: More.Mmmm.05/01/2013 am: Kapil: As much as u want05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Till u shout05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Of pleasure n pain05/01/2013 am: Madhu: No pain 05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Kiss me hard05/01/2013 am: Madhu: Pleasure's good 05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Hold me tight05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Against ur boobs05/01/2013 am: Madhu: Mmmm holding you close05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Tight05/01/2013 am: Madhu: And tight05/01/2013 am: Kapil: M hard05/01/2013 am: Kapil: U wet ?05/01/2013 am: Madhu: That's a kiss 😛05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Ahh05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Reallyy ?05/01/2013 am: Madhu: Yessss05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Acha ji 05/01/2013 am: Madhu: 05/01/2013 am: Kapil: 05/01/2013 am: Kapil: 05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Reached work ?

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