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Through movies, music, the Internet, and all sorts of media, we expose ourselves to what is base, boorish, uncharitable, unchaste, violent, dysfunctional, and just plain evil.

dan, dan u mjesecu, datirati, datula, datulja, datum, datumu, dogovor, hodati, hurma, izaći, izlazak, izlaziti, kavalir, nadnevak, nemoderan, period, pratnja, rendes, rok, sastajati se, sastanak, spoj, termin, ugovoreni sastanak, urma, viđati se, zabavljati seabsentia, surrender may be subject to the condition that the issuing judicial authority gives an assurance deemed adequate to guarantee the person who is the subject of the arrest warrant that he or she will have an opportunity to apply for a retrial of the case in the issuing State and to be present at the judgment;osobe može biti podložna uvjetu da pravosudno tijelo koje izdaje uhidbeni nalog pruži odgovarajuća jamstva da će ta osoba imati mogućnost zatražiti obnovu postupka u državi koja izdaje uhidbeni nalog i mogućnost prisustvovati na suđenju; Stranica 1. If you can get a person to think in a certain way, you can control his feelings, decisions, and ultimately his destiny. They try to influence us, to sow seeds of sin, doubt, and confusion. Consider these passages: Every thought should be subject to the standard of the Gospel: is this it in conformity with what God teaches or not? Instead, we tolerate error, darkness, impurity, foolishness, and outright blasphemy.In addition, our own flesh seems to like being deceived. Paul says, will We must engage in this battle both for ourselves and those whom we love, especially today when the distracting influences of the world are so numerous and so cunning. If it is not, it is to be taken captive and either excluded or made pure in reference to Christ. Rather than rendering it captive, we allow it free access to our innermost mind and heart.The little square, however, in which it stood is still called “Piazza Sant' Apollonia”. Indeed, the mind is the central battlefield of our Christian journey.

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