The psychological factors in dating

They point out that increased school activity may assist motivation.

Paul and White (1990) examined extracurricular activity participation and academic achievement in a senior high school setting.

(2003) on learning motivation and interaction in school shows that student perception of instructional behaviour sustains their involvement in classroom.

Jackson, Weiss, Lundquist, and Hooper (2003) examine the degree to which cognitive motivation predicts academic performance.

Ho: There is no significant relationship between membership in student cults and students' academic performance.

Ho: There is no significant relationship between membership in clubs and organizations and students' academic performance.

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A romantic relationship may ease environmental stress (Berger, 1997).

They found that extracurricular activities and academic performance were highly correlated.

They supported the hypothesis stated by Mynell (2004) more involvement in school activities means a better grade point average.

University students are prone to stress due to the transitional nature of university life (Wright, 1967).

They must adjust to being away from home, perhaps for the first time, and maintain a balance between high level of academic success and a new social environment.

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