The widows guide to sex and dating

In retrospect, it's hard to believe that everyone didn't know that Andy was gay; still, he remained in the closet until college.

Finally out, he embarked on making a career out of his passion for television. A small plane plunges into the ocean, carrying John Kennedy, Anthony's cousin, and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, Carole's closest friend. The summer of the plane crash, the four friends were meant to be cherishing Anthony's last days.

”Just as a hint of a smile crossed her face, Claire’s cell phone began to buzz. There were four: The first was a policeman in a somber tone: “Mrs. Call me.”Claire set her phone on the desk and looked at Singh shuffling paper stacks.

She’d set it to “vibrate” and now it lurched noisily across the desk.“I’m sorry, just ignore it,” she said, and made a gesture with her hand to mean “go on.”“Before we get too far,” said Singh, “let’s do this.” He was holding a measuring tape. “It is strictly the proportion of the hip to the waist. This is the true essence of desire.”Claire looked down at her own small breasts. Byrne, this is Officer Callan from the 19th precinct. She ran a couple of versions through her head, then settled on this: “My husband, I think, is dead.” She looked out the window and her gaze fell on an oak tree.

Not that she’s anyone’s average widow; she lives in a gorgeous apartment and is gorgeous herself.

Charlie has left an unfinished manuscript about a movie star named Jack Huxley, and his agent wants Claire to complete it.

Neither of Claire’s two therapists is optimistic, either.

After six months of widowhood, Claire is anxious to “get laid,” so she goes on three failed dates, one with a successful journalist, one with a billionaire and, finally, one with a hockey star.

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Now presiding over Bravo's reality-TV empire, he started out as an overly talkative pop-culture obsessive, devoted to Charlie's Angels and All My Children - and to his mother, who received daily letters from him while he was at summer camp, usually reminding her to tape the soaps.

Thirty-something journalist Claire’s domineering, much older husband, Charlie, a famous author and sexology expert, is walking down Madison Avenue after an adulterous assignation when a fake Giacometti statue falls off a crane and kills him.

Although the nine-year marriage lacked passion, Claire finds herself at sea.

He showed Claire, laying the drawings one over the other, how the shapes were different but the ratios stayed in line.“Watch this,” he said, putting a transparency of Kate Moss over Scarlett Johansson. They dropped a goddamn Giacometti on Charlie, turn the TV on!

regular Radziwill returns with a glib, comic, probably autobiographical novel about a young Manhattan widow looking for love in all the wrong places.

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