As easy as these famous faces – er, domes – make it seem, being bald isn't exactly as simple for the everyday, average guy.

Oftentimes, men feel insecure about hair loss or the idea of shaving their heads completely, with many worried that it will affect their perceived attractiveness when dating or meeting new people.

And let me tell ya, they totally warmed my cold, cynical heart.

I'd unfairly assumed that these guys would say things like "get laid" or "avoid crazy ex-girlfriends." But in an unexpected and very uplifting twist, it turns out a lot of these fellows are looking to find something serious and special in the new year.

"Nope, it's actually really helped it because it's boosted my confidence and it looks better than balding.

Famous saying; some girls don't like bald men, most girls don't like balding men. Shaving your hair down to a low grade buzzcut will work wonders." —tbarks91"You will definitely stand out but that can be an advantage, trust me.

But the social media giant has seen its reputation for privacy tank in recent months, amid widespread reports of data leaks.

No, this isn't one of those 'so-and-so walked into a bar' jokes.

"But more importantly they don't want to be contacted by strangers on a social network meant for connections with friends and family." Facebook announced earlier this month it's prepping a separate dating feature to live inside the core Facebook app.

The feature includes an event-based system for pairing that's unique to the space.

If you're confident about your baldness I think you can profit from it more than with other 'haircuts,' since most people are 'silently' scared of becoming bald themselves and are impressed if other people embrace that.

So while some women may be more openly against your baldness, there are just as many who REALLY dig it, seriously." —e-dude"I've only been shaving my head for a couple of months now, but I honestly believe that girls dig it! I date more often, made more friends that I have in years and met one woman and hooked up with another while traveling this summer. My hair was a mess before and so was my confidence.

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