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She should NOT be befriending men since she doesn't understand boundaries and how to protect herself from getting too attached either emotionally or sexually.

she said she would stop facebook messaging with the guy as well if i wanted her but again....anger got the best of me. If she doesn't agree or continues her actions then it's best that you file for divorce.

Even if she does hand over the passwords I can guarantee you if there was anything incriminating, it's been deleted by now. You two have to go to marriage counseling, see how it goes.

Probably why she didn't want to hand the passwords over in the first place, so she had time to go through and delete the naughty messages. (She needs She told you she would give up the phone and passwords. She doesn't see anything wrong with her flirting with the new guy. Is she willing to stop the flirting or even end that particular friendship if it bothers you? the fight ended so badly that i just stormed off, slammed doors, and left her crying on the stairs. You can state your intention to reconcile if she agrees to your demands.

Divorce isn't really going to solve the main problem: you and the way you let others treat you.i've never been an angry person but the anger that comes out of me during this post DDay time is surprising. I don't want to push you on or force you to choose something that you would rather avoid, but there's a limit to what you should be willing to tolerate.she stayed at her sisters last night so i haven't seen her since then. you're getting lots of good advice about handling your marriage. As my sister says "Their divorce wasn't our problem.No, I think Japan will not abel to come in his original position .NOw it take almost 10 years to reach this position .

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