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NET: Keep thinking about things above, not things on the earth, (NET Bible) Phillips: Give your heart to the heavenly things, not to the passing things of earth.(Phillips: Touchstone) TLB: Let heaven fill your thoughts; don’t spend your time worrying about things down here Wuest: The things above be constantly setting your mind upon, not the things on the earth; (Eerdmans) Young's Literal: the things above mind ye, not the things upon the earth, From the preceding simple tabular overview of Colossians, we can see that in chapter 3 we have entered into the practical side of this great letter.I can only imagine a winnowing back-and-forth between the parties involved until they finally settled on a “cool, but not Pretty sure every artist on the comp was played on the soft rock station at the barbershop when I got my hair cut last Monday.

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me ta epi tes ges Amplified: And set your minds and keep them set on what is above (the higher things), not on the things that are on the earth.Sound doctrine is always the rock solid foundation for carrying out our spiritual duty.To attempt to practice the latter without a firm grasp of the former, leads to frustration, failure, legalism, etc.The conceit behind it was mildly clever as far as these things went, featuring covers of older songs by contemporary alt-rock bands.Maura picked it up for me after noticing it included Belly’s take on “It’s Not Unusual,” and it got a decent amount of play — mainly because it was one of the few CDs I owned that could be used in the disc-swapping “custom soundtrack” trick for the PSOne Not really sure why the purveyor of citrus-powered sugar bombs felt the need to shore up its indie credentials, but that’s why I’m forlornly picking through yesterday’s trash and not nursing an ulcer in a Madison Ave corner office.

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