Updating escd nvram protected

You'll need Chrome OS recovery media in order to invoke the recovery flow.

You will want to make sure that you either prepare it before starting the TPM firmware update just in case or have another computer available to create recovery media in case you need it.

This means that all data held by the TPM will be discarded.

The researchers who found the vulnerability have published high-level information here: https://muni.cz/public/papers/rsa_ccs17.In order to help make an informed decision, here is some guidance.If any of the following applies, consider installing the update: If none of the bullets above apply to you, you don't benefit from the update and can safely skip it, thus avoiding potential complications due to failing updates as described above.Chrome OS relies on TPM-generated RSA keys for a number of features: In Chrome OS M60, we strengthened Chrome OS user data protection using the scrypt password hashing scheme to act as a second line of defense even in case the brute-force protection afforded by the TPM is lost.Users were automatically upgraded to the new scheme behind the scenes without user-observable effects.

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