Updating fact tables premium dating template wordpress

This example illustrates only the simplest facilities of the Details View and omits important steps in a real-world application, such as input validation and customizing the inserting interface.For example, since the column is required, the insert will fail if the user leaves this textbox empty.

In short, you can use the Details View or Form View controls to create an interface for inserting data into the database without having to write a line of code!The full code for these demos is available in the download at the end of this article.The demos available at the end of this article illustrate different techniques for inserting data into the table by specifying the new item's name, category, price, and discontinued status.To use the Fields dialog box, click the Edit Fields link from the Details View's smart tag.Add the two Bound Fields and Check Box Field and set their properties from the list on the right. When a user visits this page and enters the name, price, and discontinued status of a product and clicks Insert, a postback occurs.

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