Updating glibc

To know the used MPM you can execute this command: apachectl -t -D DUMP_MODULES | grep mpm Then, edit the PHP configure file, search for the APXS_MPM variable and force its value to prefork, event or worker according to the value returned by the previous command.

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Full Story (comments: none) The advent of user namespaces and container technology has made it possible to extend more root-like powers to unprivileged users in a (we hope) safe way.Common ones that you might have missed are '-ldl' and any libraries required for any database support you included.Some people have also reported that they had to add '-ldl' immediately following There are three things to check here.One remaining sticking point is the mounting of filesystems, which has long been fraught with security problems.Work has been proceeding to allow such mounts for years, and it has gotten a little closer with the posting of a patch series intended for the 4.18 kernel.

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