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To speed things up, know that the decision is not final - it can be changed afterwards.

In the examples below, the hostname tux is used within the domain homenetwork. This is only necessary if the ISP or network administrator says so, or if the network has a DNS server but not a DHCP server.

They also could show up in a different order depending on which of the devices are detected by the kernel first during the early boot process.

If the network connection needs to be configured because of specific DHCP options or because DHCP is not used at all, then open Note This assumes that the network interface will be called eth0. It is recommended to assume that the interface is named the same as the interface name when booted from the installation media if the installation media is sufficiently recent.More information can be found in Network Interface Naming. Be sure to also read up on the DHCP client man page if specific DHCP options need to be set.However, smbfs is not compatible with security signatures, which are enabled by default and not recommended to disable on Windows Server 2003 and later.Select the checkboxes that correspond to the timing settings that you wish to use.When a complete backup finishes, the system deletes the oldest backup.

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