Updating multiple rows on gridview what is open code dating

To do any sort of editing you will need to switch from a Data Reader to a Data Set.

A data reader is a forward only, read only way to access data.

I poked around the net and all the samples i see are similar to what is in the link you provided.

Is there one that talks about the issue that I have?

Regards, Thanks Peter; this is not quite what I need, though.

In fact I already have one of my pages working like this - where I activate/deactivate membership by checking 1 or more checkboxes in a column across the gridview.

How do I keep the status of the checkboxes so that I can submit all the changed checkboxes on all the pages? Hi I hav the same problem, My Problem is i hav two template fileds(Checkboxes) one to hide the record and other two delete the record. My gridview is look like this UPDATE multiple ROWS with different Values with single statement ?

I want a delete confirmation when someone check the delete checkbox using javascript when click on the delete button it works fine but , if some check the hide check box its too gives the confirmation msg which i doesn,t require. - Multiple Rows in subquery- ORA-01427 Hi I'm hoping one of you kind folk can help with this.

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Below is my Gridview and the class that captures the value of the multiple checkboxes in 4 columns of the gridview. Even if I check (or uncheck) only 1 row, code evaluates/reads all the rows in the Grid. How can I improve this code so that it only submits to the database the rows that I changed? My Grid applies pagination and sorting - if I check (or uncheck) the boxes on a page and then move to the next page to do the same, I lose the state of the boxes in the previous page.Dim row As Grid View Row Dim Check Box As New Check Box For Each row In gvparts. The update is not working and it doesn't throw any exceptions. The database query results in the Data Grid populated with the "No" radio Button Selected. I want the user to be able to select the "Yes" button on rows that meet user criteria and click the Update button and update all the records at once.It appears to be accessing the correct rows and values. I have read everything I can find and still cant get it to work quite right.H...checkbox client side onclick event to manage checked status of multiple checkbox controls or multiple items in a checkboxlist I want to use javascript to run a client side function to manage the checked state of multiple checkbox controls.For example, if checkbox A is checked by the user, I want to uncheck checkbox B & checkbox C and check checkbox D. Also, I'm considering using a checkboxlist control.

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