Updating outlook favorites cpu

When you add the specific public folder to PF Favorites using OWA, it will list the folder type as highlighted in the following screenshot: This means is that you need to go to the corresponding section such as Mail, Calendar or People, to access different types of folders that were added to Favorites.In case of the folder of type Contact, it will be placed in the People tab as shown below: Regular folders containing Mail items will continue to be added to the regular Favorites folder in OWA.You can check with the vendor of the add-in to verify its compatibility.If you run into issues with Outlook after the upgrade, start with disabling your add-ins. Are you using Microsoft’s Personal Folders Backup Add-in?The 64-bit version can only be installed on a 64-bit version of Windows.The 32-bit version can be installed on both a 32-bit and a 64-bit version of Windows.

There is a sync of public folder favorites which happens between Outlook and OWA in which the public folder (supported types) added to the Favorites using Outlook will sync to OWA and vice versa.

This guide contains a lot of preparation and other information to get yourself ready before you double click on that file.

Aside from the preparation steps, this guide informs you about what to expect when you start Outlook 2013 for the first time after you upgraded and how to troubleshoot several issues you may encounter during or after the installation.

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