Updating report viewer 2016 problem

I have updated my Windows 10 to the latest version.After update I can’t see any text in explorer (no folder and file names), only icons are shown. On the other hand, the new settings menu is working as well as menu start.The most common problem of both the Windows 10 updates is the installation problem — we probably don’t even have to tell you about it at this point.As you can guess, some users had problems installing the latest update.V6.90 of both fonts (Windows 10) also seem to work fine.We had a similar problem with TNR v6.85 (initial Windows 8.1 release) but it seems to have been fixed by v6.87.

I have not yet tried to reproduce the problem on Windows 7 but I have seen reports that this update does cause a similar problem on Windows 7.To begin with, while my upgrade experience as such went through smoothly, I faced two problems on my Windows 10 Pro Dell laptop: Guys don’t download this yet, it’s still not stable enough to be reliable.Since last night I have two BSODs (stop code: reference by pointer), sometimes touchpad buttons don’t work, start menu does not show all some programs(dell audio in my case, drivers, and software for it are installed), Cortana is buggy as hell.(I suppose it is possible it’s not the font files causing the problem but some other file included in the update.I have not tested that.) Previous v6.87 of both fonts worked fine.

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