Updating the video collection

My Movies is suited for families, and therefore it offers a password protected parental control according to the rating standards.

You can choose to activate the parental control to prompt for password when you open the Collection Management, to ensure that your children will not be exposed to content not suited for their age.

Alternatively you can add titles by adding folders containing titles stored on your hard drive or server, and they will automatically be identified and imported to your collection.

To ease the maintenance of you stored titles, the Collection Management can monitor a folder, and automatically add new titles to your collection when they are added to the monitored folder.

When your collection is synchronized, it will automatically be synchronized to the other clients.

Mobile Clients No need for a remote control, for easy browsing the My Movies mobile clients offers a fully functioning remote control for Windows Media Center and Dune players.

To get the most impressive experience of your collection use the Collection Management together with our My Movies for Windows Media Center and experience how easy it is to manage and use your collection.To get an overview of your collection you can search for a specific title or create custom filters from a selection of specifications such as group, types, genre, watched status and more, to easily access the titles you are looking for.Expand the Use of Your Collection with Metadata The Collection Management can save metadata to use for a variety of different units and contexts, as well as saving the front cover and high-quality backdrops in the movie folder.Create, Manage and Maintain Your Collection My Movies Collection Management lets you easily create your collection based on our high-quality metadata.You can add titles to your collection using the camera barcode scanner, by typing the barcode or title, by automatic identification of an inserted disc or by searching a calendar with released and upcoming titles.

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