User control not updating on postback

The Data List is data bound to a IData Reader upon postback. When I remove the Update Panel, things work as expected.Here's the code: I really need some advice on this problem.The second user control is used for displaying details of selected object - there is an Update panel, in which there is a Form View. Update Panel Not Updating on Update Man that's a lot of the word update...anyway, the code speaks for itself. Can anyone provide some sample code on how to do this? Hi, you need to register the Button which should cause normal postback, as a postback trigger. AJAX Update Panel and Validators Hi Folks, I bumped into the updatepanel/validator control issue yesterday and solved the problem by grabbing the updated validators project as per the pinned post at the top of this forum (When some object is selected in the first user control, then I am firing my event, which causes update of the second one. I can't figure out the update panel won't update. There’s probably a good explanation why, but I don’t know it. I have two user controls on my page, both within Update Panels. I what I need to know is how to force a postback for the full page so that the textbox is updated with the assigned text from the grid row. That said, in the post and in Scott Guthrie's blog there is mention of an official patch to ASP.When I update the value of any of the internal controls, I see the RADAJAXLoading Panel appear for a second with the spinning circle as I expect to see.Then the loading panel vanishes and none of the internal control values update based on the code I have. This has been driving me nuts and is causing a significant delay in my development schedule.I have been trying to fix this for nearly a week now, and I am completely at a loss as to why this is not working. When I use the control, everything renders fine on the initial load. Inside the Create Child Controls() method I have the following code...

It works somewhat okay for content updates w/o updating the page.

If the loading panel is displaying as expected and the issue is with the update of the grid only, I could only speculate that there is some error that is preventing the update.

If you continue to experience issues with this, please open a regular support ticket and elaborate on your exact scenario.

I am developing a web application in which I have a page with two user controls.

First user control is used for searching and selecting objects (there is an Update panel in which there are some textboxes to enter search criteria and grid view to display search results). On clicking this Edit button I want to take some of the row's contents and populate a Text box that is not in the update panel.

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