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The good news is that with a little perseverance it’s possible to resurrect a seemingly moribund torrent.

The key to bringing the torrent back to life is the hope that an identical release is available on another tracker, and in that swarm there are people that have enough data to complete the download.

At this stage it is possible to select a new primary tracker for the torrent by ticking the checkbox and pushing the ‘Re Announce’ button.

Then check any of the other trackers in the list to be used as an alternative and click ‘Re Announce’ again.

The site is really easy to use, so, although it is well seeded, here is a walk-through to find more trackers tracking Michael Moore’s ‘Official’ ‘Slacker Uprising’ torrent – the same technique can be used for any release, especially ones with tracker or seeding issues.

First of all I downloaded the .torrent file from The Pirate Bay onto my PC and uploaded it to bt Re Announcer.

Whichever it is, using a quality VPN service will eliminate any interference with your download speeds.

Most sites will display some information on the health of a torrent file, but often times this data can be inaccurate.

Most, if not all ISPs have some kind of system in place to limit or throttle p2p (torrent traffic).

Within a few seconds the site displayed the current primary tracker –

However, it also displayed a list of 17 other tracker URLs identified as tracking the same torrent – any one or combination of which could help you to complete a stubborn download.

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