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autant ne rien faire; sr ce, perso (comme disait guy Bedos) j'ai horreur des villages de tante ;-)) Merci pour vos réponses Même si certaines ne méritent pas forcément mes remerciements Je ne demande pas ce que je dois prévoir pour faire du camping J'attendais juste une réponse à un problème strictement technique Les jugements et petits commentaires pour faire rigoler la galarie façon Bedos ne me semblent pas très productifs Pas si humble que ça, ton avis, Lilloux en fait !!Pour revenir près du sujet, j'en reste à l'idée de la plaque électrique 1000 W ça couterait un petite vingtaine d'euros c'est pas la ruine, quoi !

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I purchased a "1200W DC-DC Boost Converter Power Supply 8-60V 12V Step up to 12-83V 20A 24V 48V" off e Bay.

This transporting mechanism can comprise a device to feed tickets directly from storage mechanism into the revealer, from the revealer to the scanner, and to gravity feed the tickets to the dispensing port.wherein the transport mechanism includes first and second spaced guide members that define a ticket path through which the gaming ticket travels, the guide members serving to properly position gaming tickets passing along the ticket path.

Commonly, lotteries issue instant win game tickets containing characters indicating whether a prize has been won.wherein the gaming tickets are held in the storage mechanism as a stack of tickets, and wherein the transport mechanism includes a picker for removing a single gaming ticket from the stack of gaming tickets, so that the gaming ticket can be advanced within the gaming device.

Additionally, casino games allow a more fast-paced game play than instant lottery tickets.

4,765,842, 5,253,383, 5,355,543, 5,402,549, 5,907,882. These devices are adequate as an alternative to manual removal of the scratch-off material, but are not believed to be fast enough or thorough enough to allow the high-speed scanning and vending of tickets required for operation in connection with the device of the present invention.

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