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If you are submitting your POC request via REST, you will need to include an API key to authorize processing.

To create an API key, log in to your ARIN Online account and select Your Account Settings in the navigation menu.

POCs can also be created, as part of scripted automation, by submitting your request via REST calls using the RESTful Provisioning System.

The ARIN RESTful web service can be used to create, modify, and remove POCs.

in this sample: Server/Identity Server4. Samples/blob/release/Clients/src/Mvc Manual/Controllers/Home The bit you're missing is loading the public key from the discovery document. This means you need to use a public key to verify the JWT (you can get this from the discovery document).If you don't see an Org ID for your organization, and you need to add a new Org ID, please review the organization instructions for information on creating a new Org ID.If you should be linked to an existing organization, but are not, you'll need to ask one of the users who is a POC for that organization to link your newly-created POC to the Org ID.Users listed as POCs that receive emails requesting validation can verify their information by replying to the email (adding “CORRECT” in the subject line and leaving the original email in the reply).Users can also perform POC validation in ARIN Online.

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