Vanessa simmons dating

She is best known as the daughter of hip-hop legend Rev Run.She is co-owner of her company Pastry Footwear with her sister Vanessa Simmons.She also has a magazine deal with Word Up Magazine called Angela’s Rundown.Being the entrepreneur, she has her own fashion line, “Angela I Am.” One thing I can say about the Simmons sisters, they are determined to make their own paths in life which is very refreshing.

She may be to advanced for young men and maybe this is why she is dating a man who is 40 years old.

It’s nothing wrong with that, mature men know how to treat a lady and not too mention he has money.

She has her own money as well, so her new beau doesn’t have to take care of her.

He is also the executive vice president of an international gold exploration company called Giyani. During their break in 2010, Bow Wow got another girl pregnant. Terry Kennedy skateboard king began dating Angela in April, 2008.

In addition, he’s funding the Knowledge Foundation, a charity promoting education and poverty in Namibia and the rest of Africa. This caused a feud between Terry and Angela’s ex Boyfriend Bow Wow.

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