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Staff work to orient survivors of sexual violence to their constitutional and statutory rights and assist survivors in securing those rights.

Advocacy is available during regular business hours on a walk-in or appointment basis.

Survivors may email for assistance to [email protected] will be responded to quickly during the hours of 6am - 10pm Monday to Friday.

For 24-hour text chat, contact 361.433.1587 for free, confidential advocacy, information or referrals and crisis intervention.

Adults can choose to receive medical attention and/or counseling without involving law enforcement.

Sexual trauma can have lasting effects, so counseling is available to survivors no matter how long ago the assault or abuse happened.

It is through a phone that you will be able to disclose who you really are. Calls can be billed directly to your monthly phone bill by calling 1902966667 or for XXX Unrestricted Credit Card Billing Call 61284230077 .We have Advocates available to assist individuals who are deaf and/or hearing impaired.Our 24-Hour Hotline is a Relay Texas friendly number by dialing 7-1-1 prior to placing your call if needed.Mid-Coast Family Services provides a variety of resources to help lessen the effects of trauma and help survivors regain a sense of safety.If you’ve experienced a sexual assault, we’re glad you’ve found our page.

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