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The contestants may be asked to do anything for a chance to get an intimate date with Flav.

Challenges include cleaning up after parties, creating a restaurant, showing off dance moves, practicing nursing skills and more.

Flavor Flav does discover that someone has stolen his heart while the Celebreality world gets bigger.

Flavor of Love started a large franchise of spinoffs and differently themed reality shows.

Every contest is just as eccentric as Flavor Flav, and they frequently clash with him and each other.

There are fights, schemes, thievery and backstabbing in every episode.

Style him and his delicious date in chic suits, skirts and hats for a sharp, classic look. Candy, veggies, and all sorts of scary cute critters are climbing in and out of this Witch's cute cauldron.

Help her brew up a deliciously magical concoction for her Halloween party! It's almost Halloween and this little cutie hasn't decided yet what to wear, so she needs your help.

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This bizarre reality show demands attention because it features more intense drama than any other show of its kind.Viewers who watch Flavor of Love may find themselves falling for the whole bunch.A teen romantic comedy that tells the story of a chef named Sung Jun who is the best at his craft and has no flaws in the eyes of others, but he is simply hopeless when it comes to love.He quickly capitalized on his returning popularity to star in "Strange Love" with Brigitte Nielsen.This showcased the puzzling love between the two that started on The Surreal Life.

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