Who is hermione granger dating

It’s almost as if she’s keeping the handsome Bulgarian Bonbon in reserve in case Ron doesn’t work out, except that our Hermione wouldn’t do something like that, would she?, Hermione is infatuated with Professor Lockhart, the new Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor, because he is famous for writing many books detailing his alleged victories over all manner of fearsome adversaries.

If she had told the truth, it is unlikely that any of them would have gotten into trouble, as none of them went looking for the troll intentionally.

Ron and Harry manage to knock out the troll and save Hermione.

Later, Hermione lies to Professor Mc Gonagall and says that she went looking for the troll on her own, and that Harry and Ron only arrived later, thankfully saving the day.

When the troll invades Hogwarts, Ron and Harry disobey instructions to return to their rooms, and instead go searching for Hermione.

Ron and Harry encounter the troll in the girls' washroom, where Hermione has been crying.

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