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Based on a hook-up due to Jackie Christie, Imani met a guy named Kyle who she really liked. ” I can’t be the only one who noticed she called Draya a “nonfactor” towards the end of the episode, right?

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I actually like Imani, because she seems like a pretty normal person on a reality show full of off-the-wall characters.Of African-American ancestry, Imani Showalter was born in 1971.Though she's currently single, Showalter has three children.Before giving up his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Sapp decided to reveal some challenges that he has faced in 2014.While the singer said he is grateful to have made it through struggles, he did not shy away from admitting some of his mistakes and issues that have taken place over the past year."I made many mistakes, hurt individuals who are very important to me," Sapp wrote.

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