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Despite his confidence, the Leaguers are found guilty on all counts, and are taken away.Miss Martian, Superboy and Adam Strange arrive at the court just as the audience members leave.She says that whatever decision the court renders will have repercussions throughout the galaxy.Superboy adds that the new evidence offers the court an opportunity to demonstrate that truth and justice prevails on Rimbor.Black Beetle muses that he would have died if he wasn't a Martian, but his survival would easily be remedied.Back in Rimbor's courtroom, the Tribunal admits that the evidence presented by the Earthlings is compelling, but the High Court has already ruled.Icon argues that they have to overrule, since there is a recorded confession that solidly places blame of the attack on Rimbor on the real criminals: the Light.

Much like Gotham City, lightning strikes hit the city, emanating from a black thundercloud.

Using the link forged by Green Beetle, he sends a surge of energy through the link, and destroys Green Beetle's scarab.

B'aarz O'oomm's armor crumbles, and he collapses to the floor, unconscious.

They exchange blows, but Black Beetle overpowered Aqualad.

He turns his attention to Blue and Green Beetles, but Green Beetle attacks first.

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