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Next to him in those skinny-dipping waters was model Sahara Ray, who was immediately linked to Bieber in the aftermath.

(Interestingly enough, third rumored girlfriend Bronte Blampied was also on vacation with their group, as evidenced in this Instagram photo).

So the fact that Ray is Simpson's ex could be a good argument as to why she is not Bieber's girlfriend — he and Simpson are just too close. This relationship seemed to be the most legit, because there is actual photographic evidence of the two holding hands and cuddling (not to mention many, many selfies of them together).

Secondly, Bieber so publicly stood up for the 18-year-old (who is Lionel Richie's daughter and the younger sister of Nicole) against fans who were hating on her that he wound up reportedly getting into a fight with his ex Selena Gomez about it and completely purged his entire Instagram.

Justin Bieber is a youtube sensation, who came to light after a talent manager discovered him. His parents never married and he stayed mostly with his maternal relatives.

He has sold 140 million records registering him in the world’s best selling music artist.

So what's a young bajillionaire with a jones for two very different women to do?

If you said ditch 'em both and hook up with a model who looks exactly like a Selena-Kourtney hybrid, then you might actually Justin Bieber.

For the song ‘where are u now’ Bieber won a Grammy Award for the Best Dance recording, 2016.

He has also earned the title of most powerful celebrities by Forbes four times.

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