Who is maryse from wwe dating

There is no better way to conclude our tale than by sharing a photo of the couple that first brought wrestling and romance to the attention of the fans, two-time WWF World Heavyweight Champion Randy Savage and the ever-glamorous Miss Elizabeth.

Although both Randy and Elizabeth are no longer with us, they will reign forever as the professional wrestling’s number one couple.

Maryse has also been quite successful as a WWE Superstar, winning two Divas Championships and managing her husband during three of his Intercontinental Championship runs.As with most adults, professional wrestlers also have personal relationships, with all the resulting joys and sorrows that accompany romance and marriage.Most recently, ‘The Face of the WWE” 16-time World Champion John Cena experienced that sorrow when he announced he was ending his six-year relationship with the two-time WWE Divas Champion, Nikki Bella.After two long years away from the ring, extensive neurological exams, and several months of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Daniel Bryan announced that he had been cleared to wrestle again on March 20, 2018.In his dramatic promo on , Bryan and Shane Mc Mahon defeated Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens in a tag team match when Bryan forced Zayn to submit. ” WWE Superstar Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and his wife, star Maryse Mizanin, may display all the evil characteristics of pro wrestling heels when they appear in the ring or on WWE television but in reality, they are quite the loving couple.

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