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Once in the city, Moore was briefly a member of the hardcore punk band Even Worse, featuring future The Big Takeover editor (and future Springhouse drummer) Jack Rabid.After exiting the band, Moore and Lee Ranaldo learned experimental guitar techniques in Glenn Branca's "guitar orchestras." Moore has spoken about influences on his music tastes at this time, including British bands Wire, the Pop Group, the Raincoats, the Slits, and Public Image Ltd ("I used to have these fantasies in the 70s about leaving New York and coming to London to hang out with Public Image").Moore and Ranaldo make extensive use of unusual guitar tunings, often heavily modifying their instruments to provide unusual timbres and drones, they are known for bringing upwards of fifty guitars to every gig, using some guitars for one song only.In 2004, Rolling Stone magazine ranked Moore and Ranaldo the 33rd and 34th Greatest Guitarists of All Time.He is the only other character besides Faye to have appeared in over half the strips in the comic.and that Modest Mouse makes him nostalgic, but on the many occasions when he's talked about bands he's not tended to talk about his tastes.

Moore has seemed to be pushing the boundaries further in recent years, through his love of free, improvised music and his other projects, like the avant-garde, experimental Chelsea Light Moving.

He has also participated in many solo and group collaborations outside Sonic Youth, as well as running the Ecstatic Peace! Moore was ranked 34th in Rolling Stone Moore was born July 25, 1958, at Doctors Hospital in Coral Gables, Florida, to George E.

Moore and Eleanor Nann Moore, and moved with his family (including brother Frederick Eugene Moore, born 1953, and sister Susan Dorothy Moore, born 1956) in 1967 to Bethel, Connecticut, he attended St. Mary's School in Bethel CT and attended from 1973–76 Bethel High School, he enrolled at Western Connecticut State University in fall 1976 but left after one quarter and moved to East 13th Street between Aves A and B in New York City to join the burgeoning post-punk and no wave music scenes.

Crazed, rapid plucking by Moore, Sedwards, and Googe turned quickly to languid, relaxed play at any moment.

Lyrics called for us to "extinguish flames of earthly desires," a Zen invocation.

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