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“Winnie asked me to forgive her and I have forgiven her,” said Joyce Seipei, speaking to at her home in a black township.“I don’t know who killed my son; once I had forgiven all who were said to be involved, I felt free.” She added: “I asked God to help me find a way to forgive – because otherwise, this thing is going to consume me.“In our struggle, many innocent people died,” he said.Some commentators have interpreted this statement as truthful, but politically timed as an effort to rehabilitate Stompie’s reputation in return for his mother’s refusal to condemn Madikizela-Mandela.I am a diabetic so cannot work.” The ANC bought all the furniture in her house, including the black-and-white couch on which ANC officials have been keen to sit with her and be filmed live on national television.

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The next thing, coming out of the toilet, she saw Madikizela-Mandela and her daughter Zindzi were holding her hands.

“She asked us how we were surviving at home,” said Ms Seipei. She gave me money to buy some things for the house and, as it was towards Christmas time, some new clothes for the children.

“Several times since then, Winnie gave me money to help support my children.

“The first thing Winnie said to me was: ‘This child looks exactly like Stompie.

May God forgive me.’ “Right then I decided I had to forgive Mama Winnie.

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