Wordpress recent comments not updating

Here is a screenshot showing the At this point, you have (at least) two choices: keep trying with auto-updates or download the latest version and upload manually.Even if you decide to upgrade manually, you may want to resolve the issue and get auto-updates working for future versions.Here is an Online CHMOD Calculator to help with the conversion process.If possible, disabling Safe Mode may help to get auto-updates working again.Ahh yeah, Word Press just rolled out another update to version 3.1.1.If you're able to upgrade via the Admin, updating your site(s) should be a piece of cake: just log in, click a few buttons, wait a few minutes, and done.Together with automatic plugin and theme updates, auto-Word Press updates have saved us many hours of work.

In this post I will discuss a number of common internal links that can easily be added via Word Press itself. For any website with a blog, adding recent posts or a section with a selection of links to posts (examples listed below) can be a valuable asset. It’s an easy way of telling your visitor: This section usually consists of a simple list of links.

Word Press offers this functionality by default like shown in the image on the right (this is actually in our Versatile Theme).

But to be honest, even if you are less technical, you can create a nice PHP snippet using the examples Word Press gives for the function.

If it works, you've resolved the issue, but you should always use the most restrictive permissions possible.

This may take some research, experimenting, and/or a Help ticket with your host, but once you get it, you're all set for auto-updates.

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