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When you're on the road for nearly 300 days a year, you're not left with much time to look for that special someone in your limited spare time.

As hard as relationships are within the business, it's even harder to maintain one when your partner is at home all the time and you're always out on the road.

Dykstra has gone on multiple rants, saying how Mickie James' affair with John Cena is what cost him his WWE career.

Even though Maria’s run with the WWE is over, she had a very rich wrestling career and is loved by fans.

Sunny's life went down hill after this getting in trouble with the law on multiple accounts.

Recent news of Stacy Keibler's fling with A-list actor George Clooney brings about memories of various pro wrestling relationships that have captivated the hearts and headlines of fans and pundits alike.

WWE has shot various angles featuring on-screen couples, but history dictates that most of these on-screen romances are either real, or end up being real.

Some of these Divas are known for their love life more then their actual wrestling skill.

These are 15 WWE Divas and female wrestlers in other promotions who have dated multiple wrestlers.

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