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But you’re coming in actually like I’ve got some great stuff to teach to share stories.[Heather] Oh yea.[Greg] And the stories, you’re so right.

So.[Greg] Yea.[Heather] If you look at it that way, it kind of releases the pressure off of people, I think.[Greg] Yea. And I think that the first few times I reached out about getting on a podcast, It was–There’s a little bit of nervousness like, is this going to work. And then you get on a few and you realize that even those people hosting the party,they’re actually looking for great guests.[Greg] So if you can bring–[Heather]Yea.[Greg] and as you said, give, give and bring value and not just come and just sell.

I am here with Heather Havenwood and the Sexy Boss—Author of—is it Sexy Boss? So that was about the time I was getting involved in this space. I saw that in 2006, you were working with a client and brought them–Basically, brought a whole new business from 0 to over a million in sales with no lists, no prior brand or anything.–which I think is amazing. [Greg] Yea.[Heather] That’s what I learned in the information market back in 2001. You don’t know if I forgot my underwear on or not – just saying it. So 2000—August 2015 to about January 2016, I’ve been on over a hundred podcasts. I’ve stopped counting.[Greg] Excellent.[Heather] Now, that’s not till I go oh look at me. And be an amazing guest for you and your listeners.

Coz that’s definitely something we see a lot of people looking to do is how do you even just get started. And sometimes, unfortunately, they go all the way through that without even thinking about the marketing or the sales.[Heather] Yes.[Greg] and then it’s okay, ‘I got it, what do I do next? Is that ‘just because you have a great thing, doesn’t mean people want to buy it.’So you really have to reverse-engineer the process. It’s about every time I’m on any kind of summit.[Greg] Yea.[Heather] or a podcast or a radio station.

What I mean by that is before I was in the real estate industry and whenever you create a real estate course, not all niche are like these but a lot of niches are. Or just like the stock business—just constant change. Coz one thing you know about me Greg, I don’t like creating products. So I said if I’m going to create information marketing product, I wanted to be something I can sell over and over and over again.

Where you build an information marketing real estate coursethey sell it based on fear and they sell it based on ‘this is the right thing and the last thing was not good.’Does that make sense?

You’re bringing the booze or you’re just the entertaining guest that everybody gets to enjoy talking to or listening to.[Heather] Yea. So because of this, use the tools of a media page coz it’s going to be—It’s just a great thing to use in leverage– that invitation.

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And I still have things called bills and mortgage so. Bank accounts were completely empty and I really had to figure out one, Do I even want to be in business anymore?

And just amazing how everybody’s got their phone with them.

Yea.[Heather] People are just listening while we’re having coffee—literally.[Greg] Right.[Heather] And people listen. Moving away from a lot of your conventional TV, radio, other areas. Because honestly, it is the number 1 sales tool I use every day.

And I had to talk in sound bites.[Greg] Right.[Heather] Right.

I had a total of 2 minutes and 30 seconds of that whole spot.

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