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Discover website stats, rating, details and status online.Go to regular site A Real Man's Guide To Pick Up, Dating, And Life HOME COACHING ONLINE GAME 2.0 PHONE COACHING 1 ON 1 COACHING PROJECT X ULTIMATE SURVIVAL AND EVASION COURSE EXECUTIVE / VIP PROTECTION TRAINING BLOG FORUM ABOUT CONTACT ME Twitter ULTIMATE SURVIVAL AND EVASION COURSE By Bravo “Knowing how to feed yourself in the wilds is empowering since it is not dependent on ‘the system.’ Hunting and gathering is also your birthright as a member of the human race.Since then Tony and I have become friends and I’ve been fortunate enough to train with him quite a bit and am already signed up for more of his classes! * Last year I put on an EPIC tactical class, what if this year we put on an even MORE EPIC survival class?*The Deadfall I made that will get me food in the wild* Like always, I share stories with my Bravohood brothers about cool new things I am into, and guys started asking me about which class of his should they take. ” Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to take off weeks/months from work, can afford multiple trips, and can unplug from the rat race like I can, to learn this skills. I talked to my coaches and the attendees from the previous class, I sat down with Tony and planned out what we thought the absolute most important skills you need to have are, and after many months of planning, I can now officially announce that we have put together the absolute best class on wilderness and urban survival that I have ever seen!

Then I heard about Tony Nester through my martial arts instructor who has signed up for one of his classes.

) You might even be worried about all the survival gear you will need go find and buy for THIS class and how much that will cost…

But like I said, we planned out the BEST CLASS WE COULD!

What if there was a natural disaster like an earthquake, a volcano eruption, a tsunami, or even just your run of the mill emergency flooding from storms (TEXAS) or tornados? What if there was a food shortage, like right now in Venezuela.

What if from a giant list of other reasons you either had to get off the grid, or just got lost?

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