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Grindr did damage control, telling Axios that it doesn't sell the information or share it with advertisers, but people were angry nonetheless.Later Grindr said it would stop sharing such data with outside companies.That doesn't answer a few questions on many people's minds: Really, what was the need for sharing such sensitive user information with companies that manage Grindr's app performance?And also: How many Grindr users are aware that the app is owned now by a Chinese company called Kunlun Tech?BMW, Twitter and Laura Ingraham Over a dozen advertisers have dropped Laura Ingraham's Fox News show since she mocked Parkland student David Hogg for "whining" about not getting into a few colleges.(She later apologized.) BMW wasn't among them, for the simple reason that it hasn't advertised on Fox News since last spring.It's worth watching because, as Marie Claire Australia writes, "the future princess will most likely never set foot in a supermarket again." Word of the day: "empiggen." Ad Age's Simon Dumenco coined a word to describe a magazine cover depicting President Trump with a pig's snout. Like this: "New York Mag empiggens Trump." Scary supposed social trend of the day: After the inexplicable Tide pod challenge, a new dangerous and disgusting viral stunt is supposedly spreading online among teenagers: Snorting condoms through your nose and pulling them out your mouth.There's a flurry of reports on this trend in the last 24 hours; The Daily Beast, however, says reports are blowing this all out of proportion: "Don't worry, your teenager is probably not snorting condoms to go viral," it writes.

As Page Six writes, "Under Wintour's watch as artistic director, Condé has closed the print editions of Teen Vogue, Self and Details and it has fought to compete online after closing down " Wintour has headed Vogue for 30 years; if you need a reminder of how influential she's been for how long, Wintour's first cover as editor-in-chief featured a model clad in a Madonna-esque crucifix and stone-washed Guess jeans. Here's an idea from Mexico: As agencies are expected to do more for less money, some shops there are calculating fees based on how much content they produce for a client, Lindsay Stein writes.More on the future of agencies: Ad Age's Jack Neff takes a look at brands taking programmatic media buying and social media production in-house.And Megan Graham checks out Chinatown Bureau, which is building what it calls an "operating system" for the creative process.Guy Benson is a free market advocate and a small government conservative. To be candid, in my day-to-day life and work, I spend a lot more time thinking and writing about the failures of Obamacare, for example, than I do about “LGBT issues,” whatever that term might mean on any given day. Far too often, people are sorted by their gender, or their skin color, or their sexual orientation, or any other immutable characteristic that has to do with ideas or values.

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